Our Crew

The staff at GRIT BOX Fitness are a misfit crew from all over the country ready to join you on your fitness journey! Our gym is home to certified personal trainers, GRITFit Bootcamp coaches, muay thai kickboxing coaches, smoothie artists, and more. Learn about the GRIT BOX family below!

Cody Cooper.jpg

Cody Cooper

Founder/Owner/Coach/Ass Kicker

Hometown: Dansville, New York

The brains and the brawn behind it all. Cody's dream of opening GRIT BOX came to life in 2015. He dreamt of not just a gym, but a community of people who would support each others goals, lift one another up, and celebrate the wins in life together. Cody is passionate about coaching every member through their goal setting process and providing resources to help crush those goals! He couldn't be more excited to lead and coach alongside this amazing team! Cody spends the majority of his life at GRIT BOX, but he works hard to balance his time with his PIC/wife Cici and their sweet pup Riggs. 


Dani Monroe

Assistant (to the) Regional Manager/Coach/Everything GRIT BOX
Rock Steady Boxing
GRITfit Bootcamp

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Dani is the resident know-it-all, a self-proclaimed Nacho Junkie, and is patiently waiting for the day that teleportation becomes real. She spends her off-days with mint chocolate chip ice cream and New Girl. During her personal training sessions, Bootcamp or Kickboxing classes, or specialty programming classes, Dani boasts the perfect balance between heartfelt encouragement and screaming in your face to help you achieve your goals. Just kidding... maybe.

Kelly Thompson.jpg

Kelly Thompson

Specialty Programming/Coach
Rock Steady Boxing
GRITfit Bootcamp
Personal Training

Hometown: South Hero, Vermont

Kelly is the all-American sweetheart of the GRIT BOX Family. A peanut butter lover, avid sleep skipper, and Modern Family watcher, Kelly's life motto is "Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard." She is in charge of Specialty Programming at GRIT BOX including the Rock Steady Boxing and Fit for LIFE programs. Her heart for her clients mixed with her knowledge of fitness and nutrition makes for the perfect trainer and coach. 


Rachel Carmack.jpg

Rachel Carmack

Marketing Ninja
Photo & Videographer
Social Media
Event Planning

Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas

You'll find Rachel behind the camera in GRIT BOX classes or serving at community events. She is our resident graphic designer, videographer, event planner, and marketing department all in one! She could eat her weight in Sour Warheads and considers herself the third Gilmore girl. Rachel is inspired by the coaches, trainers, and members at GRIT BOX and enjoys capturing their determination and grit through her lens.




Sam Yoho

Coach/Personal Trainer/Lead Smoothie Artist
Personal Training
FIT BAR Smoothies

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Coach Yoho aspires to honor her brother Shawn by living fearlessly and loving unconditionally just like he did. She is passionate about perfecting her craft in whatever she does and wants to learn more every day. At the gym, you'll find her behind the smoothie bar whipping up smoothies or in the Kickboxing room teaching classes. Yoho spends her free time watching The Office with her Great Dane, Delilah, and daydreaming about Olive Garden breadsticks.

Casey Jordan Wallace Jennings.jpg

Casey Wallace

Kickboxing Coach/Stud (Not Cody's Brother)

Hometown: Winchester, Virginia

Casey is a closeted Country Music lover whose spirit animal is a Great White Shark. He teaches Kickboxing Classes at GRIT BOX and loves helping members to perfect their skills with an emphasis on accuracy and safety. Casey's hero is his father who is fighting ALS. He chose fitness because it's not just about being physically fit, it's about mental health and creates a community where people strive to help themselves and others. 



Kyle Paradiso

Personal Training/Proud Army Ranger Vet
Personal Training

Hometown: Massapequa Park, New York

Kyle is a personal trainer at GRIT BOX who doubles as a Professor at The Citadel in downtown Charleston. He could kick your ass but also secretly loves cuddling, mac&cheese, and sleeping in late. Kyle loves pushing the boundaries of what humans are capable of whether it be through physical fitness or mental health. He loves to learn and grow and still gets giddy about learning a new skill or trade.



John Sam Steele.jpg

John Sam Steele

GRITfit Bootcamp Coach/Resident Goofball (the sexy kind)
GRITFit Bootcamp
Personal Training

Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania

John Sam is an OG here at GRIT BOX! With a specialty in functional strength training, he focuses on proper form and technique in all his classes. He has a passion for high energy strength and conditioning classes that will rock your world! His guilty pleasure is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and his heart belongs to his dog Bodhi. John Sam is a fan favorite in our GRITfit Bootcamp classes, until he sneaks in one of his heavy metal jams! 



Brittany Chatman

Front Desk Assistant/Smoothie Artist with Charm
Member Satisfaction
FIT BAR Smoothies

Hometown: Brooksville, Florida

Brittany will never be ashamed of the fact that she can eat a whole pizza by herself. Her life motto is "Always work harder than the person next to you" which could also be applied to eating pizza! She, like Dani, is patiently waiting for the day that teleportation becomes real so she can travel the world on a budget. She loves to take Kickboxing classes at GRIT BOX and believes that a healthy lifestyle (plus pizza) promotes a healthy mind.

Riggs Cooper.jpg

Riggs Cooper

Mascot/Positivity Ambassador
Ear Scratches

Hometown: Cooper Ranch

Cody adopted Riggs from the Charleston Animal Society. He runs the roost at GRIT BOX and greets (attacks with love) everyone who walks in the door! He loves squeaky toys and back rubs, but he isn't quite sure about the beach yet. His favorite thing to do is join the fun during GRITFit Bootcamp and chew on the battle rope during class!