10 Thoughts you have during Bootcamp

So it’s your first time at Bootcamp? Let us just start by saying "Welcome!" Good job showing up - often times that’s the hardest part! It’s intimidating. I mean, it is called "Bootcamp" after all! 

Before class starts you’re probably standing around with a bunch strangers waiting for class to start, and wondering if you should be stretching, or chugging water, or quietly leaving before it’s too late. You might ask the person next to you if class is going to be really hard. They might want to tell you "no" to ease your mind, but be unable to lie because it is, indeed, hard. Whenever someone asks me if it’s really hard, I always say yes! It sucks, but you will survive and you’re going to be proud of yourself when you do! So, to prepare you for your first Bootcamp, here are ten thoughts that you will probably have during class. The good news? Everyone else is having the exact same thoughts. Good luck!

  1. Wait, that was just the warm up?!

  2. Why am I sweating so much? Is this normal?

  3. Oh, that exercise doesn’t look so hard. *attempts exercise* WHAT THE HELL?!

  4. *Completes 1 round* Whew only 12 more minutes until water break! (How many more minutes until water break?!?)

  5. How am I already sore?

  6. Only halfway? This is the longest minute of my life.

  7. Maybe I can sneak out during water break. I worked out for long enough, right?

  8. Okay back into it. I can do this.

  9. Last minute. Okay. I might die.

  10. Hell yeah. I crushed that workout!

If you made it through the list, then you made it through Bootcamp and you’re officially a Badass! Well done. Go ahead and treat yourself to a smoothie at the FIT BAR. You earned it!

- Sam Yoho


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Coaches Corner - May
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You've got the goal… you've got the gear… and with GRIT BOX Fitness, you've got the best group workouts in Charleston!! 

So, what's missing…..??? 

Well, if you're like most, despite best intentions, we all have moments where stress, temptation, and day to day life interfere with our plan to achieve better health and wellness. That's why any successful venture (especially in fitness) requires ACCOUNTABILITY!

Self accountability is fine if you have the willpower to pull it off, but few can. Family and friends are great, but they love us too much and let us off the hook too often. What you need is the guidance and oversight of a professional who cares as much about your goals as you do, and will stop at nothing to help you achieve them. Adding that accountability to your current fitness routine can yield amazing results.

If you've never considered using a personal trainer before, now is the perfect time! We are excited to give you the chance to meet with a GRIT BOX certified Personal Trainer every week for 4 weeks during the month of May. During your appointments, you'll do much more than just work out. You'll discuss goals, challenges, nutrition, exercise design; anything that is a barrier to your success. Together, you will create a plan to overcomes those difficulties that fits into your lifestyle. Better yet, you'll have a PERSON in place! You can do this!! Having some added ACCOUNTABILITY is going to help get it done!

If you are interested in taking advantage of 4 private personal training sessions for only $99, call the studio or send an email to gritboxpt@gmail.com to schedule your first appointment.

- Josh Durbin
  Lead Personal Trainer at GRIT BOX Fitness

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Setting SMART Goals

The next round of our 6 Week GRITfit Challenge is off to an awesome start! This week, the ladies are encouraged to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and use their accountability partner for (you guessed it) ACCOUNTABILITY!!

One of our trainers, Amber, shares her thoughts below on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals:

Step 1. Briefly write down your #1 fitness goal. Then ask yourself is this goal...
S- specific- Who, What, When, Where, and Why? Ex. I want to lose X amount of inches vs. l want to lose weight
M- measurable- How will you know when you reached your goal? What benchmarks will help you on this journey? Ex. Keeping track of your inches lost or keeping track of the amount of reps performed for a specific exercise
A- attainable- "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." Vince Lombardi
Set a long term goals for yourself (think outside of the next 50 days), then set a short term goal (within the next 50 days) that will assist you in obtaining your long term goal! Ex. LT goal- live a healthy lifestyle daily. ST goal- establish small habits like tracking meals🍴, drinking plenty of H2O💧, and exercising regularly🏋️‍♀️
R- relevant/realistic- Set a goal that is relevant to YOU! Think about WHY it is important and HOW it will impact your life. If it's too easy, thing bigger.
T- timely/time bound- When will you complete this goal? 30, 50, 90 days? ...now how many hours and days a week are you going to dedicate specifically to this goal?🗓️

Step 2. Write this ALL down, create your plan of action! Then share your goals and plan with your accountability partner so you can both encourage each other along the way👭👏💞

Step 3. Come up with a word or phrase that you feel summarizes or represents your new goal. Write it down EVERYWHERE! If you feel comfortable, please share your Step 3. in the comments below⤵️


- Amber Pappas
  GRIT Box Personal Trainer/Coach

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